Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The power of prayer - wonderful news!

We received an email last night from Amanda (our agency coordinator). As of right now (always possibility of change again), it sounds as if the Ukraine parliament may not vote on adoption legislation until after the new year! We anticipate our court date in December so hope to be wrapping up our process and travels by that time.

Thank you for everyone who has uplifted us in prayers. They have made such a huge difference - even before we received this email. I was able to calm down, have a little peace, and remember that God is in control. I know that He loves our little one even more than we do (which is really quite a bit - lol!) and wants forever families for every orphan.

I ask that you continue to pray because even though this vote most likely will not affect us, it will affect others. And while I am glad that we are able to breathe a little easier, I hate to think of other families feeling the way that we have over the past week.

Hope to have a few fun things to share about getting our little one's room ready soon! Hard to believe that in just over a week, we will be on our way! 


  1. Only the past week?! Wow, my heart has been in a knot for 13 days, since they voted! Sometimes I wish I could just hide under a rock!
    I hear they have tax codes to vote about and figure out, so hopefully that will occupy their time for awhile. I pray they will still allow adoptions to continue while they make changes. I will not stop worrying until court, but for the past week I have been feeling better. I guess a week of intense worrying was all my body could take before I just had to realize I simply cannot do anything about it.
    Keep praying!

  2. This is GREAT, GREAT NEWS!!! Thanks for posting.

    Praise the Lord!!!!

  3. Ohh praise Jesus! That is wonderful news! Congrats on getting to travel!

  4. Fantastic news!


  5. Hi Melanie and Mark,
    I just came across your wonderful blog today. This is encouraging news. We're right behind you. Hoping to hear this week on a travel date. We're Minnesotans too!!Blessings on your journey to adopt a precious gift from God.
    Carolyn and David


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