Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's going on?

I know... I haven't updated things in a little while. I've been trying to spend some time away from the computer when I'm home. Seems like I get on-line and so much time passes before I realize it. Time that I could spend doing other things, time that I can't get back. But... I also want to keep everyone in the loop.

I spend Sunday freezing sweet corn - I'll have to post a few pics. I LOVE to have frozen sweet corn during the winter. The stuff you buy at the store just doesn't cut it. We bought 5 bags of corn after church on Sunday and that was my afternoon. Not much fun at the time, but it will be worth it later!

We needed to get some documents notarized for our dossier. We also are going to be sending a letter to Ukraine with a family who will be traveling soon. This needed to be notarized as well, then apostilled (authenticated with the secretary of state). One of my friends - Dolores - happens to be a notary. Last night, she was kind enough to spend part of her dinner break from work notarizing a huge pile of documents for Mark and me. What a blessing that was!

Today, I was off and running. After working out this morning, I headed to pick up my employment verification letter from work. It had 2 errors so while the secretary was typing a new letter, I ran to get my bloodwork drawn so that my doctor can write my medical clearance letter. Then, off to Mark's doctor to have his letter stamped (they missed that when it was completed). Home to write a quick letter to the immigration services asking if they can expedite our application for approval to bring home a child. After that, a trip to St. Paul. Dropped off documents at our home study agency as well as our final payment to them. We are still waiting for the county's letter (mentioned last week) to arrive - then, we will be able to finalize our home study. Anyway... then had lunch with my friend Kari before heading to the secretary of state's office to have some of our dossier documents apostilled. Still a few more to go, but we are making progress. Home again, whew!

It stormed this evening - it's been so hot and humid that I left my car windows cracked. NOT a good thing, my car is not meant to be one of those aquamobiles - lol! Hope it dries out ok.

So... that's the latest! I have been horrible about answering emails lately so if you are waiting for me to respond to you, I am trying to catch up. Thanks for your patience!!

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