Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A delivery to Ukraine (and other happenings)

Gosh... the weekend has flown by! Mark had an extra run for work on Friday - it was a LONG one. Normally if he has an extra run it is about 12-18 hours. This one was 36 hours long. He and Tom (driving partner) went to St. Louis, MO. They got home about 6am Saturday morning.

We had friends and family coming over Saturday evening so my exhausted hubby slept for about 3 hours, then got up to get the lawn mowed and help me get ready. We had about 25 people at our place for a cook-out. I think the Jucy Lucy's were the biggest hit. Do you know what they are? Yummy, yummy cheese stuffed hamburgers. The only downside was that I was so busy with making sure that food was available, I didn't have a chance to visit with people. Kind of the point of having them over, isn't it?? Oh, well... people seemed to have a good time anyway. I had planned to get some pictures, but didn't happen.

Today, Mark has been busy helping with security for the parade - it is our little town's annual "festival in the park." In previous years, Mark has entered the annual belly flop contest - even winning the crowd favorite award. He had hoped to "flop" again this year, but the contest was at the same time our guests were arriving. Next year, we won't make any plans for this weekend. And we're planning to have a little one (or two) cheering daddy on in the competition!!

That brings me to our delivery to Ukraine. About a week ago, Amanda (our program coordinator) emailed me. There are 2 families who are working with our agency traveling to Ukraine soon for their SDA appointments. Amanda said that we could send a letter with one of these families. I believe it goes to the director of the SDA and asks for information about a specific child. I got the letter typed up, Mark and I signed it, my friend Dolores notarized it. Last Tuesday, I took it to get aspostilled. Friday evening, I got the mailing address for one of the couples who is travelling. Yesterday, I sent our "request for information letter" to them overnight delivery. They leave on Tuesday.  So... a HUGE THANKS to Jon and Diane who will be carrying this precious cargo for us. Safe travels to you - can't wait to hear about your journey and your new little one!

In the meantime, we continue to wait for our home study to be sent to our agency. Until Amanda has a chance to review the draft, it won't be sent to immigration services asking for our fingerprinting appointment and approval to bring home a child. I'm trying to be patient, but I want this to be on it's way. Every day that this is delayed is a day without our little one. I keep reminding myself that none of this is a surprise to God - that HE knew there would be frustrations along the way, that He is in control of the situation, He knows everything about our child, and the exact moment we will meet him/her/them for the first time as well as every moment of our lives. And I am glad of that. But, this hopeful soon-to-be mama is impatient!!

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