Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, August 6, 2010

Vent and prayer request

I should start out this post by saying maybe the prayers should be directed towards me and a request that I not be quite so self-centered. I'm struggling to remember that not everyone has our sense of urgency with this adoption and I probably need to be more understanding of that.

We have one last document to obtain to finalize our home study. Mark headed to the courthouse today to pick it up. Apparently, it's not something that you can just walk in, request, and they will give it to you. He had to fill out a form making the request for the document official and was told it would be mailed to him. No estimate of when we can expect to recieve this. He gave them the instructions for how we need it completed (certified on their letterhead). Now we have to wait for this to come in the mail QUICKLY and pray that it will be correct the first time.

You guessed it... I'm a little emotional about this. Ever since reading our home study draft yesterday and finally feeling like we are getting closer, I've been teary-eyed. There's a little one who knows he/she/they are waiting for a mommy and daddy - don't know it's us, but I have been praying that God will just place a picture of us in their minds so that they KNOW when they see us that we are their forever family. Yesterday, it started to feel closer and more real - hopefully soon, we will get to travel and meet that precious little one. So, yep - at this point, I'm upset about anything that might delay that process.

I know there are procedures to be followed, but I still want it done NOW! Good reminder that it is not all about me.

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