Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, September 23, 2012


The weekend went quickly, but we really had a pretty nice one. Mark and the kids met me in the cities on Friday afternoon. We played at the water park for a few hours and then had our traditional pizza and movie with cookies for dessert in our hotel room. Mark's friends Kellie and Greg came for a little while. It was their first time meeting Matthew and he, of course, charmed them. ;-) More swimming on Saturday morning before we headed for home. Yesterday afternoon was pretty low-key and the kids slept well last night - lol!!

Sunday school and church this morning. The Sunday School kids sang "Jesus Loves Me" as the closing hymn and Matthew sang with GREAT enthusiasm! He loves yelling "BUT HE IS STRONG." We had several comments about how Matthew keeps things lively at church. :-)

 Mark spent the afternoon working on our motor home. Matthew went along and "helped."  BTW - don't be impressed. It's not as exciting as it sounds. It is a 1983 and one of the walls is rotten because of a leak in the roof. Mark's replacing the wall. The main purpose of the RV is so that we have a shower at our cabin. That's because we have no running water there (our bathroom facility is an outhouse) and we usually haul water for drinking, cooking, washing dishes. Speaking of the cabin, we're hoping that next year we will actually be able to spend some time there. This year, we made the trip once shortly before Maia got sick and haven't been back. At the very least, Mark will need to go up to get things closed for the winter. But maybe, we'll be able to take a day trip as a family as well.

Maia and I stayed home. She was a little "punky" at lunch time so I gave her some Ibuprofen and laid her down for a nap. Seemed better when she woke up, so hopefully it was nothing. Not quite sure how to post videos on the blog, but for those of you who are friends with me on Facebook (and if you aren't friends - feel free to friend me), I'm trying to upload a short video of Maia. I think she will be walking on her own soon. She is starting to "cruise" on walls and furniture. Praising God for that!!

Doctor's appointments for her tomorrow at the Spina Bifida Clinic. I'm going to ask the neurology NP to show us the images of Maia's MRI/CT scans and explain what things mean and/or how they affect Maia's current level of functioning. Mark and I both feel like we have very little understanding about this. So, we hope to have a bit more information by the end of the day. We don't anticipate any big surprises at the visits, actually we hope that she surprises the people she sees with the progress she has made. If you would keep our girl in your prayers, that would be so appreciated.

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