Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Cross

I received this cross as a gift from a friend of mine. It's beautiful and I love having it in our living room as a reminder not only of her, but of Jesus and His sacrifice for me. 
One day, I began to look closely at it. There were some imperfections in the painting.  At first glance, they are difficult to see (especially in the picture), but there nonetheless. 

I started thinking about those flaws and it occurred to me... 
Isn't that what the cross is all about?
Jesus was perfect, yet He chose to assume my imperfections, my sins.
The stakes that were driven in to His hands, His feet could be considered tangible proof of those sins - 
agonizing physical pain in addition to the spiritual burden that my Savior bore. 
For ME! How humbling is that knowledge?
To know that I am loved enough by Jesus to make that sacrifice - amazing!
Somehow... that imperfect cross seems all the more precious when considered from that perspective.

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