Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend and Happy Anniversary!

It was a short weekend. Mark had an extra run this week so he didn't get home until late Friday evening. He's a little under the weather - the wonderful summer cold. It's tough when he doesn't have a full weekend to recuperate.

Yesterday, we ran errands in the morning and spent a little time together. Mark napped in the afternoon and then we went to pick up his new toy. I think I shared last weekend that he bought a skid loader. We don't have a trailer big enough to haul it so our friends Guy and Denise borrowed us their car trailer. My parents used their truck (Mark's needs to get in the shop) and hauled the skid loader back to their place. Sure my dad will have fun using it (for things like cleaning out the cow pens) until we are ready to take it to the cabin. Had dinner with mom and dad last night afterwards.

Today, was my parents 40th wedding anniversary! We had a small dinner for them with some close friends at an absolutely yummy Italian restaurant in St. Paul. Chicken marsala, pasta, lasagna, etc. served family style with dark chocolate cake and tiramisu for dessert. Good stuff! Here are a few pics from the day.

Me, Pearl, Lily, and the other Sparky

Dad, Mom, Joan (mom's "twin" - they were born the same day, their moms shared a hospital room, and they've been friends ever since), and Becca

Not only did we celebrate my parents' anniversary, we also celebrated Becca's birthday. Her mom Gail is on the right.

Happy 40th anniversary mom and dad! Thanks for being a wonderful example of love and commitment!

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