Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Several things come to mind immediately today...

  • First, I'm thankful that God has blessed my life with such wonderful friends. It's been a long time since I've been able to give my friendships the time that they deserve and that's really difficult for me. This week, I've been able to hang out with some of my dear friends and it has been such a gift to me.
    • On Monday evening, I had dinner with my friend Starla. She and my friends MaryAnn and Ann help me to feel that I'm not alone in this motherhood thing. Listening to them talk about their families reassures me that I am not the only mom who struggles to balance work, kids, relationships, and just life in general. I always end time with them laughing.
    • On Tuesday, Maia and I had lunch with Del (she is god-mother to both the kids). We celebrated Del's birthday which was fun. Getting together with her is always good for my spiritual health and I am thankful for the faith that we share.
    • On Wednesday, Mark - the kids - and I had lunch with my friend Kari. Our friendship has spanned almost 35 years which is amazing in itself. It's so good to share memories and make new ones. 
  • I decided to take a vacation day yesterday. The kids were both off school and I wanted to do something as a family. We went to Como Zoo for a short visit before lunch with Kari. Although we didn't get to see all the animals, the kids had fun. We'll go back again when we have more time. It was nice to just be together! Here are a few pics.
Psst... don't believe them if they tell you that monkey is real.

Here's the real deal - isn't he adorable??

Maia is all ready to move in with the polar bears.

Matthew's deep conversation with the seals (they were the favorite of both kids)

Sea horses - they were "pretty cooah (cool)" - according to Matthew

But, climbing the gorilla was even better!

Back home, blowing bubbles (thanks Auntie Kari), and picking flowers

What are you thankful for today? I can't wait to hear!!

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  1. I love your thankful thurs posts! Your kids are really blossoming! They look so good in the pictures! I'm thankful for my dad. He is almost 86 and had to have quint (5) bypass surgery last Monday and is doing good! I'm thankful that I was able to fly home and be with my mom and dad during this time! Parents mean the world to kids at any age! Have a great weekend!


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