Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Love notes and waiting kids

Children who are waiting for their forever families have been heavy on my heart lately. To think about precious kiddos who fall asleep at night without being tucked in by parents who love them, who don't have anyone to kiss the "owies," oh my... it brings me to tears. Honestly, sometimes it's easier for me to not think about it because it hurts less that way. But, I do think about it - wondering about certain kids who have captured a place in my heart. The kids that you chose to bless with the Valentine's Love Notes are some of those treasures.

So, just thought I would let you know that Laurel - the sweet girl who is about to age out of the system is now listed on the "My Family Found Me" page of Reece's Rainbow.  I am so thankful for the family that is giving Laurel hope and a future - something every child deserves. And thanks to those of you who chose to bless her and pray for her!

Sadly, she is the only one of the children that I am aware of that has found her forever family. The other kiddos still wait. Please pray that God will unite these angels with their families soon!!


  1. when i go to bed at night or rock one of my littles who get sick i often think of orphans who have no-one to call there own and i wonder how people can ignore them??i would scoop them all up and love them all..but instead i pray for them everyday..

  2. I'm praying with you! It makes my heart happy to see Konner's smiling face on someone else's blog!


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