Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A special thankful Thursday

I have been so excited to share this news with you! As you know if you have been following our blog even just recently, there is a little boy named Matthew who was at Maia’s orphanage. He was not available for international adoption when we were in Ukraine or I would have done everything within my power to bring him home with us.
Mark has mentioned that often I would leave the orphanage in tears. I spent many hours in prayer, asking God to care for this precious little boy. Olga (our wonderful facilitator) and Marina (the orphanage director) knew my heart for Matthew.
While we were still in Ukraine, I contacted our agency back here in the US as well as Reece’s Rainbow to see if there was any way I could advocate for Matthew and help him to find his forever family. The outlook was not good.
After coming home, Matthew continued to weigh heavily on my heart. I knew that he would be available for international adoption in March 2011. When children turn 4 years old, they are transferred from the babies’ home to an institution. If this happened, Matthew’s chances for adoption would decrease even more. There was a limited window of opportunity for Matthew to find a home and we didn't know when his birthday was.
Mark could tell that I was very concerned. While he did not have the same intensity of emotion that I felt, he agreed that he did not want Matthew to be transferred.. So, we sent an email to Olga to get more information. In the meantime, Mark posted on our blog asking people to get the word out. My heart began to break when Olga responded that there were only a couple of months before Matthew turned four and that if WE wanted to adopt him, we needed to start the process right away.
One night, Mark and I were lying in bed talking about Matthew. I had been crying because for as much as. I wanted to bring home, I understood Mark's hesitation. We are in NO financial position to start another adoption. We have unpaid expenses from Maia's still. We have become a single income family unexpectedly. One of the things I love and respect most about my sweet husband is his fiscal responsibility. I trust him and bottom line, I would defer to his decision I had not shared my feelings because I didn't want to influence him. That night, Mark asked me what I was thinking. I decided I had to be honest.
I told him that I felt that God had told me that Matthew was my son. And that wonderful man that I am proud to call my husband said OK. That because I had trusted him when he knew Maia was our daughter, he would trust that Matthew was our son and we needed to get things started to bring him home as soon as possible!
So.... Here we go again! We have contacted About A Child and our service agreement is signed and in today's mail. Our social worker will be visiting soon to update our home study. And we are trusting that God will provide the resources to bring our son home!
More to come on that but for now, would you take a moment to celebrate with us and say thanks to my terrific hubby for causing these tears of joy to flow so freely. My heart is overflowing and I can't seem to stop them these days! God is so good!!


  1. Exciting news! Praying for God's perfect timing for Matthew to join your family!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so incredibly happy for you guys and cannot wait to see pictures of your precious son. What a sweet story and testimony of following Gods will. Happy tears are flowing!


  3. Thank you Mark!!! I know you have one very excited wife now :)

  4. Congratulations!!!! And God bless you all! (((HUGS))) The Archers in St. Cloud :o)

  5. Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for the FOUR of you now!!!!!!! Sending HUGS your way!!!!

  6. Wonderful! Congrats!! As people told me I will tell you, "If its God's will it's God's bill!" In adoption miraculous things happen. I cant wait to hear all about them.

    BE blessed

  7. WOOT WOOT! That is GREAT! I knew in my heart he was yours! I just KNEW IT! God does a big work in us, doesn't He?

    I'm so glad that not only do you have a fiscally responsible husband, but you have one who trusts God and his wife to take the leap of faith when needed!

    Matthew is coming home to one awesome family!

  8. Getting the adoption process started on the child that God put on your heart is amazing peace!!! You'll never EVER wonder "what if...?" and you won't have to endure grieving in your heart not knowing what did happen to Matthew! Because he is going to be your son! Praise God!

  9. You just made my day!! This is great news to hear for the four of you! Now the book we gave you will have double duty!!! Noelle and Jillian will keep them busy with playtime. Your children will have the best special parents!!

  10. Congratulations! We are so happy for you!!!


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