Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thank You

For your words of encouragement and support!  Veronica, your words echoed those that Mark had. If we had not committed to bringing Matthew home, he would have always wondered...

We do trust that God will provide for this adoption. We plan to set-up a Chip In site in case anyone would like to donate and are hoping that we will also be able to have a family sponsorship page on RR. Will keep you posted about that as things progress.

God has already spoken to our hearts about finances. On the morning after we made "the decision," we received an email from a couple at our church asking if there was a way to donate money directly to Matthew's adoption. They had no idea that we were considering adopting him ourselves. And this morning, Mark got a call from Becky (our previous social worker with Catholic Charities). She wanted to share information about an adoption grant that might be available to us. The deadline for application was March 15, but if we could get the paperwork in today they would be willing to consider our application. Mark spent the day compiling all the necessary info and was able to submit it at around 4pm. Whew! Thanks to Nana who kept an eye on Maia so that Mark could get this accomplished! Please pray that we will find favor with the review committee. From what we understand, they will consider our application around April 15.

So.. we ARE trusting that God will be faithful and provide the finances to bring Matthew home soon!

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