Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Saturday, February 26, 2011

So blessed!

Today, our church had a shower for Maia. I cannot even begin to tell you what an amazing event this was!  Two adoptive moms shared their stories which was very special. Beautiful bible verses about children were read. Miss Maia loved the refreshments! She ate a whole vanilla cupcake with frosting and about 3/4 of my german chocolate cupcake with frosting - good stuff! :-)

Mark's mom and sister Betsy were able to attend as well as three of my very dear friends: Del, Nancy, and Kari. The ladies of our church blessed us beyond anything I could have possibly imagined! Our sweetie got so many beautiful outfits, fun nighties, her first swimsuit... she will be the best dressed girl around! And it didn't stop there - Maia got xylophones, Mr and Mrs.Potato Head, toys to play in the sand with, puzzles, blocks, paints (Erica - the art smock is PERFECT!!), the list goes on and on. Our family room was full of packages and it was just as much fun to go through things again tonight and show them to Mark.

The "things" are wonderful, but even more special are the prayers and wishes that accompanied these gifts. They mean more than anything - not only is our girl loved by her immediate family - she has a larger circle of people who think she's pretty special, too. Mark and I are so touched by this!

Speaking of that wonderful hubby of mine... since us girls were off doing "girl things," Mark had fun putting a new motor on his snowblower. He was able to try it out this afternoon since the snow kept coming. And Maia had fun watching daddy out the window.

I was lazy tonight so we enjoyed dinner out. Now, we're going to call it an early night. Maia fell asleep quickly and I think I will do the same. ;-)  I'll try to get pics from today uploaded soon.

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