Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's to be thankful for?

Well, let's see...

- Our old house is officially on the market! We signed the paperwork on Tuesday and it is listed. Such a good feeling. I am praying that God will lead the right people to it and that it will sell quickly.

- I am really glad that tomorrow is Friday. It's been a week of poor sleep (between the kids being up at night and a rotten cold). I don't handle fatigue well (just ask my family) and I am looking forward to a bit of recuperation this weekend.

- Quiet time with God. I've been making it a priority to have time by myself every morning. I read my devotion for the day, and the Bible verses that go along with it, pray, journal a short message to my Heavenly Father... It makes such a difference in my ability to handle the rest of the day. I can always tell the difference when I haven't started my day with Him. 

- Most nights when I put Matthew to bed, I take a few moments and give him a back rub or massage his face (his favorite), arms, or legs. Sometimes while I am doing this, I will pray over him. Usually asking God to fill Matthew's heart with peace and assurance that we love him, that our divine Healer will fill those gaping wounds from my precious boy's previous life, that Matthew will grow in His relationship with God, and that he will be filled with a desire to serve Him with all his heart. Matthew doesn't have much reaction to this and I have often wondered what he thinks. One night last week as we were walking to his room, Matthew asked, "Mom, will you talk to Jesus about me tonight?" Oh, my heart was filled with happiness as I responded "of course, kiddo. I love talking to Jesus about you." In the midst of daily challenges, those are the moments to treasure!

What's on your list this Thursday?

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