Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Friends are so important, aren't they? They lift us up, they make us feel valued, they give us encouragement, laughter...friends are a precious gift from God and good for our soul!

The last five years have truly been a whirlwind in my life. In 2008, I started my master's program. Between school and work, I was so busy that time with friends was non-existent. Even emailing friends that I had previously "talked" to every single day became a thing of the past. I promised myself that as soon as I finished school, I would renew my commitment to the friends I had neglected during the previous two years.

The day after I took my last exam and the same day as commencement, I had surgery. And two weeks after that, we got the email that would change our life forever. Before I even started my new job as an NP, Mark and I had begun the paper chase to bring our Miss Maia home. We did everything we could to expedite the process. All of those friendships I intended to refresh? Put on the back burner.

We got home with Maia and before we even acclimated to being a family of three, the race began to get Matthew home before he was transferred from the detsky dom. And all of a sudden, we were a family of four.

I had been away from my new job for about 16 weeks in the first year. As soon as we got back from our second trip to Ukraine, I returned to work. Between adjusting to being a mom of two and a completely new nursing role, I was lucky to get matching shoes on in the morning. Time for friends? Ummm... not so much!

About the time I was finally starting to feel like life was calming down and maybe, just maybe I could catch up with those beautiful women that God had brought in to my life, Maia got sick. And again, I was barely able to breathe as we adjusted to a new "normal."

Unfortunately, these crazy past five years have taken a toll on many of my friendships. It saddens me greatly that many wonderful relationships have went by the wayside. My circle of friends has become smaller.

Yet this week, I am so thankful for friends who are good for my soul! An email from a dear friend Mary Ann reminded me of the importance of friendship as we travel along this journey. God has blessed me with a few friends who just totally understand where I'm at. They continue to hang in there with me even though, more often than not, they are the ones on the giving end. They help remind me that I don't have to "have it all together." Even though I am never going to make "mom (or wife) of the year," it doesn't mean that I am a rotten mom (wife), either. They strengthen me and they are a priceless gift - one I do not take lightly. And ladies, one of these days I may finally figure out how to balance life a bit better. In the meantime, know that I do not take you for granted and you are often in my prayers! Thank you for blessing my life with your friendship!

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