Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

To be honest, I'm feeling pretty sad today. Although I had never met Carla and her precious Henry, his death hits close to home. But, still there is reason to give thanks.
- Henry had 14 months with his forever family, being loved and cherished. Shouldn't every child know what that feels like?
- Carla and her family answered God's calling to travel around the world to bring their son home! So thankful for adoptive families who respond to His call to care for the orphan.
- Tonight and every night, I am thankful that God has allowed us more time with our sweet girl. Although heaven is a far better place than here on earth, Miss Maia makes this world a brighter place and I treasure my moments with her.
- I also treasure quiet moments with my Matthew. Last night, we cuddled up together while he fell asleep and what a gift to be able to watch his face, peaceful in sleep, and to be able to whisper in his ear "you are loved, my precious son, so loved!
- And last for tonight, I had the opportunity to see two beautiful friends today. Anne and MaryAnn, words cannot express how much it means to talk with you and laugh and be reassured that I am not the only mom who doesn't have it all together. Thank you. I love you both dearly!

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