Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finding good in the midst of the challenges

I will be honest, I have not spent a great deal of time searching for the positive things that have come out of Maia's illness. I'm slowly learning to praise God in all situations, but it isn't always easy. Thankfully, my heavenly Father is patient with me, reminding me to stop and look for His blessings when things are difficult. Although I would never choose to live through the past six months again, God has given us a gift that we would likely not have experienced otherwise.

Maia's adjustment to life in our family went well overall. For Maia and me, bonding was not instantaneous, but occurred more gradually. Our trip back to Ukraine for Matthew's adoption was such a great opportunity to spend time together and strengthen our relationship. But, we still continued to see some of the effects of her years in the institution.

Maia's illness resulted in regression back to around the 6 month old level. And from an attachment and bonding standpoint, I think that has actually been beneficial - for all of us. Because she has been so dependent, Mark and I have had the opportunity to do some of those things that parents do when interacting with their infant children: snuggling, touch, eye contact, feeding, etc.

And I am praising God for this blessing! BTW... I think we are close to another word. "Kitty" or "kitty cat" may be Miss Maia's next word(s). WOOHOO!


  1. What an oddly amazing opportunity this has brought you. My girl has regressed a bit lately and has been wanting to be held like a baby and is talking in a lot of baby talk...and I am reminded that this is an opportunity to strengthen, not just a silly game for her...I adore you! You always get me thinking!

  2. It is very difficult to see the blessings in the middle of the challenges. We have discovered that time clears the view, and the blessings become more apparent. I think I mentioned a while ago that one of our biggest blessings has been the ability to appreciate more of the small victories, and not keep looking for large ones. Also we have learned not to be in such a hurry for the next thing....we stop often to smell the roses and linger longer. What a blessing that has been for us as a family. I pray that Maia continues to improve....on God's and her own schedule, and that the blessings in the journey become more and more apparent.


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