Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, April 8, 2011

God's Provision

God cares about even the smallest details of our lives - the things that we often think are too minute to "bother" Him with. He knows about them and wants to hear about them from us. Sometimes, He gives us a reminder that we SHOULD be bringing those things to Him so that He can answer our prayers.

Case in point... Maia's baptism is coming up. I've been wondering what she should wear. She received an absolutely BEAUTIFUL dress at one of her showers, but I really wanted that for Easter. Plus, it's got some  bright, vibrant colors and I wanted something a little more subdued. She has some other very pretty dresses as well - believe me, this girl is well provided for in the clothes department. And I have bought probably less than 5 outfits for her. Friends have blessed Maia with adorable hand me downs and new outfits, too. Anway back to my point (lol), even with her overflowing closet - there was nothing that fit the occasion of her baptism. Yesterday, my patient husband waited while I searched a couple of stores to find "the" dress. I didn't want to pay full price for a dress that she would most likely wear only once so I checked out the Goodwill and a nice children's consignment store. No luck.

I decided I would probably have to break down and buy one of the dresses I had seen at a retail store, but I was really hoping that God would provide something for Maia. I hadn't really prayed about it because it just seemed trivial. But God knew...

I arrived at work this morning to find a big bag of clothes with a note "For Melanie's daughter." I looked inside and guess what??  There was a lavendar dress that will fit the occasion perfectly!!

Yep - I have a God who cares about ALL the details of our lives and wants to bless us!! Thank you to the person who blessed Maia this way (still have to find out who this is) and thanks to God for meeting not only my needs, but sometimes my wants as well!!

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  1. That's awesome!!!

    Linny taught me a couple of years ago to pray about even simple things. I know even pray when I lose something and do you know I always find it as soon as I remember to pray. God cares so much about every detail!


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