Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Excitement but only for a moment

Our I-171H approval arrived yesterday. This means that the United States Center for Immigration Services has approved us to bring home a little one. Well, actually they have approved us for 2 little ones (if we choose). YAY, right?

Well, as I started looking at the paperwork, it isn't right. It only lists Mark as being approved - the line where it says "spouse's name" is blank. And where it lists the age of children we are approved for, it says "0-18 months." That's a pretty huge deal because there just aren't children available for adoption in that age group. Our home study approves us for 0-5 years of age and that's what we need our form to say.

I will be on the phone as soon as the office opens this morning to get this corrected. Hoping that we will have all the paperwork compiled so that I can get it apostilled on Tuesday and mailed that same day.  Prayers would be appreciated!

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  1. One step forward, two steps back... such is this frustrating process. I am hoping this is a quick and easy fix.


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