Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, July 23, 2010

Reminder of who is in control

I have to admit, I was feeling very frustrated and impatient yesterday. We received an email from our home study agency saying that our draft was #2 in line. The person who is responsible for editing the home study was going to be out of the office today and all of next week. She wasn't sure she would get our home study completed before she left yesterday. Grrr... doesn't "EVERYONE" know that we have a little one waiting for us on the other side of the world? Someone who needs to get home to their mommy and daddy. Shouldn't that be priority over everything else? This is going to delay our USCIS application by at least 2 weeks. I admit my thoughts were very, very selfish!!  When my exhausted hubby got home from work at about 3am this morning, I vented to him. He gently reminded me that everyone deserves time away from work. I tried telling myself that God's timing is perfect, that it isn't about me. I wasn't very successful.

Fast forward a few hours... I pulled into a parking spot at work this morning and realized that I didn't have my stethescope. UGH!!! I knew that I had taken it to the other nursing home that I cover yesterday afternoon so was pretty sure it was there or perhaps at  home in my gym bag. Now what? Maybe I could borrow one even though it probably wouldn't be as precise as the one I usually use. I sat down at my desk, started getting organized, and opened the drawer to put my purse away.

Can you guess what was in the drawer waiting for me? YEP! My stethescope. There is absolutely no way that it should have been there. I know that I was wearing it around my neck when I left the facility. But, God- who IS in control- put that stethescope in my drawer. So... if He is able to take care of my silly, little needs like that, shouldn't I trust that He WILL take care of our adoption?

Hmmm... that might be something for a Memorial Box. Do you know what that is? If not, click here to find out about it!

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