Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, July 2, 2010

Home Study Visit Completed!

We spent several hours today with Judy, our social worker with Summit - the agency that is updating our home study. We had been anticipating at least one more visit with her. However, she is pretty sure that with today's time and our domestic home study, she will be able to put together everything for our international home study. Mark and I still have to pull together a little bit more paperwork, financial documents, letters of recommendation, physicals, etc - but we are hoping to everything sent by the end of next week. Judy will write up a draft of our home study and once it is finalized, the agency will get notarized copies ready. We will need to apply for an immigrant visa to bring our child into the US. We will also begin compiling all the documentation for our dossier which is basically our formal application to the Ukraine government requesting the referral of a child.

Things are moving - slowly, yes... it is not a quick process. I'd like to be on a plane tomorrow. But, one step at a time. YAY!!!

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