Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Today has been a hard day for me. I'm not sure what triggered it, but I knew from the time I woke up this morning that it would be a sad day. At church this morning, I cried through the service and again in Sunday school. Why? Silly perhaps, but one year ago today was the last day we were in church before Maia got sick. I didn't expect the emotions of her illness to gang up on me yet, but they sure did.

Here is a picture of our sweet girl in April 2012. We had just come home from a day at the zoo and the weather was so perfect. Maia had her bubbles and was running around the yard, laughing. What a precious day.

And here is Miss Maia today in the same shirt (notice the snow in the background this year - lol), "running" in our yard. Physically, she has come so far. And cognitively... yes, compared to when she left the hospital, Maia has made progress, too, I praise God for that. However, I still grieve the loss of the child in the picture above. My heart aches today for my sweet girl. 

I've got more I want to share and will try to do so tomorrow, but for now this is all I can put together. :-(


  1. :( So sorry...I would have been crying for the same reason.

  2. Don't try to analyze your feelings too much. You have had lots to adjust to in the past year, and you have adjusted with grace. Sadness for Maia's losses and ongoing challenges is understandable, and emotions are often triggered by dates and remembered events. I pray she will continue to make gains physically and regain her lost language...but the fact is, she has struggled this year to reach goals she attained previously. That is sad and unfair. Fighting emotion just leaves you drained. Acknowledging it allows you to cry and then move on. Be kind to yourself, and please accept a cyber-hug.

  3. Hugs to you dear friend!♥Hang in there and she is so blessed to have an awesome family like yours!! :)


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