Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013


I was just checking the blogs I follow quickly before heading for bed (our last night in San Antonio) when I came across a post that hit me personally. Take a look at this picture.

This is Susanna.
Susanna is 6 years old, just a year older than our sweet Maia. Like our precious girl, Susanna has hydrocephaly and spina bifida. Two conditions that require urgent surgical intervention, but CAN be treated. Unlike Maia, Susanna has not received the medical care that she so desperately needs. Instead, she has lived her entire six years in a lying room in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. For those of you who don't know, a lying room is basically a big room filled with cribs that children are NOT allowed out of. They spend 24 hours/day in their cribs with no opportunity for affection, physical activity, growth, and development. These beautiful girl has no family to love her and advocate for her, no one to fight for the treatments that will bring so much benefit to her life. Look at those eyes. Do they pierce you like they do me? They could just as easily be the eyes of my beautiful daughter. My heart aches and the tears flow to think that Maia could have been the child in that crib, waiting for her forever family. I am so thankful that God called us to bring her home. Perhaps, He is calling you to bring Susanna home. Please, please consider... And visit Linny's blog here to see more pics and for contact information regarding this angel girl!

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