Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Too funny

Tonight at dinner, we were talking about a job posting for the supervisor position of NP's in my department. Here's the conversation.
Mark: That might be your job soon.
Me: No way, they could not pay me enough to take that job.
Matthew: Why mom?
Me: Well Matthew, that job would be a lot of work. I would not have as much time to spend with you and play with you. It would probably make me very crabby and very tired.
Matthew: Mom, it's ok. You need to take a nap, then you not be tired.

Oh, that kid can make me laugh!

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  1. Matthew is such a sweet boy! Peyton came back to school late last week after being gone since before Christmas break and Matthew was very concerned about him and was glad he was back. He was asking Peyton all kinds of questions and showed a genuiune care for him and said "Feel Better Peyton" What a sweet sweet boy he is...


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