Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday update

Yesterday was the first time in I can't remember how long that I really did nothing. I felt like God was just telling me to relax for a day and it was nice. Well... I did a little bit of cooking, but that's about all. Made an absolutely amazing chocolate cake and some yummy lentil vegetable soup. We didn't go anywhere. I played with the kids and made memories - the important stuff!
It's been a while since I updated on how the kiddos are doing, so thought I would end the weekend on that note.

Matthew is Matthew. It reassures me a bit when other people comment about how busy he is. Makes me feel that I am not totally imagining it - lol! He is enjoying school (gym is his favorite part, go figure). His speech is improving as he works with speech therapists both at school and through the clinic. We're hoping to get him enrolled in an adaptive martial arts program in the near future, something that will give him an outlet for some of that energy as well as help him develop some self-control/self-discipline skills.  Don't know if we will ever be able to sort out the effects of his early years vs his brain injury. But, he is a smart and creative kid - our challenge will be helping him to channel that in positive ways. He loves to help and try new things. While he's not a mama's boy, he is pretty attached and yes, I guess the feeling is mutual!

Maia continues to make progress. After hearing about some research describing benefits of fish oil in brain injury, we have started giving this to Maia. It is not in the mega-doses currently being studied, but a dose approved by her rehabilitation doctor. We are seeing improvement. Maia is starting to make some sounds that we think are pre-verbal which is exciting and she seems to be comprehending much of what we say. She is able to follow a few simple directions and is even starting to play peek a boo with the shower curtain. While it's certainly possible that the improvement is just a coincidence, neither Mark or I are willing to stop the fish oil and take that chance. The stubborn side of her personality is starting to show a bit. And if you look closely at the picture above, you can see a bit of her lazy side. This is the yummy cake I mentioned above. Maia can pick up a fork or spoon once food is on it (although she would much prefer to use her fingers). Well, she wanted that bite of cake but did NOT want to pick up the fork. So, little miss thing decided it would be a whole lot easier to just eat it off the fork where it was laying on the table. I guess that shows she has some problem solving skills, doesn't it? Outpatient therapy is down to every other week. It's been kind of hit and miss since her main physical therapist had surgery and her main occupational therapist is on maternity leave. We are going to be seeking a referral for outpatient speech therapy now that Maia is starting to make a few more sounds and she continues to receive therapy services through the school, too. Although she's a long way from where she was before getting sick, she has also made amazing progress over the past eight months and I praise God for that!


  1. Slow but steady progress. I am so happy to hear that you still see progress, and that you are not terribly discouraged by the pace of change. Maia, you keep up the good work!

    Happy also that Matthew remains Matthew....after all, that is the small fellow you fell in love with! Sounds like he also is making progress, and the martial arts program may be just the ticket to help him with self control. All the children in my 1st grade who were in martial arts programs took the teaching very much to heart. They learned to exhibit good self control and respect. Good idea Mom!

    Glad to hear you are doing well, and taking time to relax a little.

  2. Thanks for the updates! Glad you had a "down" day. I'm sure you needed it. :-)


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