Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday - celebrating Miss Maia

Two years ago today, your daddy and I stood in a court room in Sevastopol, Ukraine asking a judge to approve our request to become your parents. God blessed us beyond measure when she said "yes!" It is hard to believe that 720 days have passed since you joined our family. In some ways, it seems like a short time and other ways, it feels as if you have been with us since birth. 

The past twenty four months have been a journey like none other. There have been moments of great joy and moments of immense sorrow. Through it all, you have shown such a strong spirit. You have amazed us and charmed us with your giggles, your hugs, your sweet personality. 

You are infinitely precious, sweet girl and we are so thankful that God chose you to be our daughter!
Happy adoption day, Maia Anastacia Hansen!!
Yep, that's cake and ice cream all over her face! Gotta have a little fun as we celebrate!


  1. I love seeing your girl's beautiful face! Thanks for the mini updates...you have all been on my mind...sending you tons of love...

  2. Congratulations Maia on your BIG day and we thank God for allowing you to join such a special family!!!
    God's blessings on all of you!

    Marlene G.


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