Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Monday, December 17, 2012

An early Christmas present

This morning, I got an early Christmas present! I was getting ready for work and playing with Matthew at the same time. I had heard Maia awake downstairs and called to see if she would come to the steps, but she didn't. So Matthew and I continued to play while I was in the bathroom. All of a sudden I heard a rattle at the child gate in the living room, came out to check, and found Miss Maia at the top of the steps! Did you hear me yelling "YAY, MAIA!!"? That was about the best Christmas present I could have received! You go, sweet girl - I am so proud of you!!


  1. Way to go Miss Maia! And I am happy to see a new sparkle in her eyes too.

  2. YAY MAIA!!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!! Our prayers are being answered. She is progressing. Praise God. I believe someday you are going to hear her words too.
    Jacquelene L.

  3. GREAT JOB Maia!!!!

    Love that picture of her! :)


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