Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Monday, May 23, 2011

Note to self...

Do not, I repeat DO NOT poke yourself in the eye with your fingernail. UGH! Somehow yesterday morning, I was reaching to wipe something off my face or out of my eye (don't even know what) and I managed to stick my fingernail right in my eye.
UGH! I was the interesting case of the day at the emergency eye clinic. Apparently fingernails are nasty things to stick in your eye (go figure... all the bacteria that grows under there - lol!). Add to that, the fact that I have had Lasik surgery and managed to scratch my cornea right at the edge of the surgical flap. And I had an eye that many people were excited to examine and discuss.
So, now it's steroid and antibiotic drops and close follow up with the ophthalmologist (I go back tomorrow already).
Lesson learned... keep my fingernails out of my eyes!


  1. I think this goes under the "You know you're adopting when..." category. So sorry to hear about this!

  2. Dave sez,

    Watch where you put that thing - you don't know where it's been!


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